Another PARP inhibitor showing promise

PARP inhibitors are unique molecules targeting only the PARP enzyme in BRCA 1/2 mutated cells, they are generally well tolerated as compared to chemotherapy. In this year at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, the EMBRACA trial results were presented in abstract form.

The talazoparib arm patients reported better quality of life score as well as there was a significant delay in the time to deterioration


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Triple Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer

Triple negative (TNBC) metastatic breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease, chemotherapy remains the mainstay of treatment, however, new treatments based on identifying molecular subtypes, stratifying TNBC based on gene expression assays with subsequent specific targeted therapy is an area of intense clinical research. In this post, I will review our current standard clinical practice and explore ongoing and future clinical directions.

Metastatic TNBC is very heterogenous, and while Basal type is most common, it only account for nearly 80% of all cases.


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Advances in the treatment of advanced estrogen receptor positive breast cancer

Luminal estrogen receptor positive HER-2 negative breast cancer is the common type of breast cancer, accounting for 70%  of all breast cancer. Endocrine therapy of estrogen receptor positive HER2 negative advanced breast cancer is very effective, however, many patients will have disease recurrence as a result of endocrine therapy emerging resistance. In this post, I will review our recent understanding of resistance mechanisms how this understanding translating into new therapies.

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